Group Surfing Lessons

Size matters! In group surfing lessons this means: The smaller, the better!

That is, why our group surfing lessons will never see more than 6 students per coach at a time. The result is a highly effective surf course and an individual experience. It supports faster progression and a maximum level of care for all of our surf students, with no exceptions.

Our concept of mini-groups allows us to be more flexible about the selection of our surf spots or the best tides. No matter if you are a complete beginner or already an intermediate or advanced surfer, we provide you with a schedule and conditions, that adapt to your personal needs and your surfing level.

The first beginner lessons will include the basic techniques of surfing. You will learn to position yourself correctly on the board, how to select waves and how to paddle, until you can do a take off in the whitewater. The next part of the course will move this into the unbroken, green wave. For intermediate surfers it is all about maneuvers. Execution and timing play a major role here, as your bottom turn, top turn or cutback become faster and steeper. Our instructors will help you to develope the right feeling and how to create the momentum. In addition to the practical exercises on land and in water, the lessons are accompanied by theoretical units and video coaching. A regular day at Surf Taxi Peniche will take about 6 hours with at least 2 hours of water time.

Surfers need favourable waves and wind, so we have to adjust to the daily conditions. Depending on the wave size and cleanliness we have to decide, if one long or two shorter surf sessions take place.

The course structure follows the guidelines of the ISA (International Surfing Association). The surf lessons can be booked as a day or week course (5 days). The week course includes one video coaching unit, which is a major help in achieving your personal goals. We will also visit the surfboard factory by fatum, where you will get a fascinating insight into the development process of a surfboard. Insurance is part of the week courses and already included in the prices. Regular week surf courses take place from Monday to Friday, if you´re not able to start on Mondays you can join a running course anytime. Day courses and private surf coaching can also be held on weekends.