Private surf lessons

The ultimate surf lesson! With dedicated care from your personal surf coach, a private surf lesson makes you the center of this lesson and ensures a maximum of individual progress.

Approach and goals at private surf lessons

The focus in private surf coaching is the effective development of your surfing skills. You set the tempo and your surf instructor can adjust the whole session to your specific needs.

We recommend this type of course to all surf enthusiasts who value a high degree of individuality and want to see quick progress.

In addition to individually tailored theory and practice lessons, your progress will be documented on video. Video analysis after a surf session will help you and your coach to understand each other better and will give you valuable insights on your technique, based on the footage. This intensive complete package, maximizes your learning success and helps avoiding time consuming mistakes.

Times and schedule for the private surfing lesson

For one coaching session you will need about 3-4 hours. Save money and book a weekly package. Week packages also include additional benefits like insurance and surprise sessions.