Size matters! And as surf courses go, this means: Smaller is better! This is especially important at your next level of surfing. On the intermediate level you are already able to do take offs on green waves.  This is the point where the real fun starts. Now you can start mastering to ride waves in both directions or learn simple turns and get to the real feeling of surfing.


Our intermediate course focuses on improving your surfing and bring it to the next level. In the beginning of the course you practice how to position yourself correctly on the board amd you learn how to surf at a particular surfspot we choose for the day. We study the waves together, we teach you where to position yourself to be at the right spot when a wave comes. We explain and show you how to take turns and how to surf both right- and lefthander waves. 
The intermediate course is suitable for people who have already completed at least one beginner course and who are able to padle out to the line up on their own. It consists of surf theory and practical exercises on land, as well as in the water. The duration of a lesson day is about 5-6 hours.

The course structure is in accordance with the ISA (International Surfing Association) guidelines. The surf course can be booked as a daily or weekly course (5 days). The weekly course includes a video analysis session, which is an ​indispensable help  reaching ones individual surfing goals. 
To complete our weekly courses, we will visit the Fatum surfboard manufacture, where you'll get an exciting insight into the process of creating a surfboard.


Our surf courses take place in small groups with a maximum of six participants. This allows us to provide optimal and individual attention to each surf student during their own learning process.

The mini-group system allows us we to organize the lessons in a more flexible manner. We choose the best surf spot and the best tide for you to surf each day. We offer our all students an individualized program where we focus on your personal progress and help you find success in the water.


When you are alone enjoying the full attention of your coach you can achieve a lot more, a lot quicker. Think about it as going out surfing with a very experience surfer who is going to guide you through the next level of surfing. The intensive, 1-on-1 surf coaching session offered by Surf Taxi Peniche is the best way to reach advanced levels in the shortest time.

During the private course the focus is on the effective (further) development of your surf skills, where you set the pace and the goals together and your surf instructor will create the best training environment for you.

We recommend this type of course to all surf enthusiasts who value maximum individuality. 
Video analysis is available for private courses. After each surf session there will be an additional video analysis, where your surf instructor will give you valuable tips based on the recorded material. 

Intermediate Surf ​Lessons

from 40€

Price includes wetsuit & surfboard. Please, visit our pricing page for more details.

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