Surf spot guiding Peniche & Baleal - Surf the best spots every day. Transfer included!


We will pick you up and take you to the best surf spot during the perfect tide. We carefully choose the spot according to your level of surf. We always consider the daily swell directions and size, wind speed and the tides.
After arrival, you will receive a briefing on the particular circumstances of the surf spots on site. We will explain you the possible entry spots and channels, show you the best peaks and warn you about possible dangers.

If you need surf equipment, or you would like to try a different board you can rent it directly from Surf Taxi Peniche.

After the session you will be picked up at the appointed time and taken to your accommodation. Optionally, two sessions can be arranged per day.


We guide to all surf spots within 15 kilometers of the peninsula of Peniche. Thanks to the geography of the area, some of the surf spots here are among the best surf spots in Portugal and worldwide.  There are plenty of options to choose from. There are point breaks, reef breaks or even world class beach breaks like “Supertubos“, and depending on the level of your surfing, you can have it all.

The Surf Taxi Peniche surf spot guiding service is intended for more seasoned surfers with sufficient experience in surfing. You must be able to paddle out on your own, have your board under control at all times and you know how to behave in the water and with others in the surf community.


Surf Spot Guiding

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  • Consolação

Long righthander point break which breaks on a  stone bench. It has inconsistent surf. Summer, in particular,  tends to be flat. This break works the best around low tide when the tide is falling. It is generally not a crowded wave. Beware of urchins and rocks when you paddle out. There’s also a left beach break next to the fortress also good but it only works with big swells.

  • Supertubos

Supertubos is one of the best waves in Europe. This beach break is home to Meo Pro Portugal (formerly known as Rip Curl Pro Portuga), official event of the WSL World Tour, held every year in October. There's one main peak with a super-fast left, and a shorter right. On bigger days, it is very crowded and is suitable only for advanced surfers. On a small day less experienced surfers may give it a try. There are different peaks along the beach, but the quality ones will be packed on the good days.

  • Molhe Leste

When the waves at Supertubos are too big it’s worth checking Molho Leste, the beach just north of Supertubos. This is a powerful righthander point break which, on a big day, can offer great barrels. Thanks to its sandy bottom, Molhe Leste can be a good trainig spot for less experienced surfers on the small days. This is also a wave surfed by mostly locals. If you want to surf this spot  show respect for the wave and towards the local surfers.

  • Pico da Mota

Pico da Mota beautiful, long beach situated a few kilometers north of Peniche and it became world famous when the  Surf Championship Tour event first came to town a few years back beacuse theinadequate conditions at Supertubos. There`s almost always an empty wave to be found here, especially during the smaller summer days. Pico da Mota is one of the most consistent, yet uncrowded peaks around the area. When it works it offers fast, fun and rippable waves to ride. If you want to avoid the crowds and don't mind the lack of beach facilities, this spot is ideal for you.


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