Peniche ist one of the fastest growing epicentres of the global surfing community and all around the town of Peniche Surfing has taken over the place. You probably already heard about Surfing Peniche and now you are looking for some comprehensive and useful information? Then look no further, we have it right here. 

Why surfing in Peniche is so popular

Without a doubt, the position of portugals coastline from Lisbon to Porto is perfectly exposed to open ocean swell from almost any direction. No matter if swells come from north, west or south, with a swell window of about 270 °, Peniche is the perfect place to catch these swell and form rideable waves at any day of the year.

When the swell gets to big, you will always find a sheltered break, especially the Bay of Peniche, a 4 km stretch of sandy beaches right between Peniche and Baleal, offers all kinds of swell directions and can deliver waves at all sizes, at almost any time of the year.

This enables surf schools in Peniche, to held surf classes for beginners at any day of the year. At the same time, experienced surfers enjoy the big variety of breaks with more open exposure to the ocean. Surfing Peniche does not necessarily mean, you have to be a pro surfer, neither is it a place only for novices in the sport of surfing. What makes Surfing Peniche so popular is the selection of waves, suitable for all levels of surfers fom beginners to adavanced surfers.

Surfing Peniche in perfect conditions

The best spots to surf around Peniche are usually working best from october to march, but there has also been good summer swell during the recent years. During the main summer season, the spots around Peniche and Baleal become fairly incosistent in terms of long period swell with high amplitudes, but therefore leave perfect Peniche surfing conditions for the surf camp people and beginners. If you are more on the lookout for conditions like in the video above, you might prefer the wintertime. With water as well as air temperature of about 14 – 18 ° Celsius, the climate during this time is still a lot more friendly than in northern Europe or the northern United States.

In addition, Peniche has some of the best surf spots on the atlantic shoreline to offer. First of all, there is Supertubes, infamous as „the most consitent beachbreaks in the world“. Supertubes is a steady tour stop on the WSL World Tour of Surfing, ever since the Rip Curl „The Search“ Events in 2009, but there is  a lot more! There are the reefs on the north coast like Lagide and Almagreira which are popular due to their high consitency, the more exposed southern spots which are known to be heavy, like Consolação or Areia Brance and of course the bay, which offers any angle of shelter and exposure to the incoming swells.

If you dont know yet, when and where Surfing Peniche is best, feel free to keep on browsing our pages or get in touch with SURF TAXI PENICHE. We are always happy to help out with our local knowledge and experience in organizing surf lessons, and surf spot transfers and surf spot guiding in and around Peniche and Baleal.

So long, enjoy!