Course registration and deposit

The registration becomes effective with the receipt of an e-mail from you and simultaneous transfer of a deposit of 50 euros. The right to participate in the course is only valid after the payment has been received. Thereupon the course participant will receive the registration confirmation. The payment of the remaining amount has to be transferred to our account four weeks before the course starts. If there are less than four weeks to the start of the course, we ask you to transfer the total amount. Please indicate name and course start date/type on all transfers.

Condition of participation
Every participant declares implicitly with his course registration that from a medical point of view there are no doubts against practicing surfing.

Our liability does not extend to dangers which are inevitably connected with the practice of surfing and which are consciously accepted by the participant.

Cancellation and withdrawal
The withdrawal from the course participation is possible at any time and must be declared in written form (the written form is also guaranteed with an e-mail). In the case of a withdrawal from the trip on the part of the participant, we can demand reimbursement of expenses. This is calculated according to the following list: up to 28 days before the start of the course 10% of the course costs, up to 14 days before the start of the course 30% of the course costs, up to 7 days before the start of the course 60% of the course costs, up to three days before the start 90% of the course costs, after that the full amount is due. We also reserve the right to claim the course fee in the event of self-inflicted bodily injury of the participant and subsequent impossibility of course participation.
We recommend the conclusion of a travel cancellation insurance by an external provider (bank, ADAC, etc.).

Until the beginning of the course, the participant may, at any time, request that a third party take his place in the rights and obligations arising from this contract. In this case, a reimbursement of expenses in the amount of 5 € is to be paid to us. If a third party enters into the contract, he is liable together with the original course participant to us as joint debtors for the course costs and the rebooking fees.

Change/cancellation of the course program
We are not liable for cancellations of the course due to weather conditions.

Severability clause
The invalidity of individual provisions does not justify the invalidity of the contract or the remaining provisions of these terms and conditions.

Place of jurisdiction
Place of jurisdiction is Peniche, Leiria, Portugal.

Provider identification
Surf Taxi Peniche , Enrico van Son , Rua Joaquim Barardo 24 EG, 2520-059 Ferrel, Portugal

Bank details
Enrico van Son, Crédito Agricola,
IBAN: PT50 0045 5222 4024 3727 7326 8 , BIC(Swift Code) CCCMPTPL